Caregivers For Hire

I've been asked numerous times if I know any caregivers for hire and how to go about employing them. This made me think that there ought to be a way for people to "find" each other on the internet. In other words, a website where a worker can place his/her employment information and the family member looking to employ a caregiver can browse the information and consider hiring that person.

Many caregivers with years of experience have started working for themselves by freelancing. This means they advertise their services and negotiate their working conditions and prices for their services. There is nothing wrong with this and it can be a very good arrangement for you and him/her. The middle man is eliminated and you deal directly with the caregiver.

A very good way to hiring a someone is through word-of-mouth. Why? Because the person telling you about the worker probably has some first hand knowledge of the their experience, skill, reliability, and personality. Half of your work is done. You have a trusted friend or relative giving you a reference on someone they used and liked. That recommendation is priceless.

If you don't have that resource available to you, you can browse this page and see the people who are available for hire in your area. When you find a caregiver that looks appropriate for your needs, you can contact that person directly by whatever means he/she listed here.

Please be advised that I make absolutely no promises, guarantees nor do I vouch for any person listed in this directory. I have not interviewed nor have I checked their references and background. You should do a careful check on the individual you are considering hiring, but then, this is no different than if you were hiring someone who advertised in your local newspaper. You can go to hiring a caregiver or hiring a sitter for tips on what to look for and ask.

If You Are a Sitter/CNA Looking for Work

If you are a sitter, CNA or personal attendant, this is where you can list your employment information. It is a free service and it is easy to list yourself as being available for employment. The Caregivers for Hire page is where you want to highlight your experience and anything else that you want a potential employer to know about you.

Caregivers for Hire

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