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5 Tips for Starting a Side Job While Caring for Your Loved One

Side Jobs for Senior Care Givers

It can be difficult to continue working at a full-time job if you need to take on caregiving responsibilities for a senior loved one. Resources like Guide to Elder Care can help you hire trustworthy professionals and form a reliable “care team” so that you don’t have to handle every task on your own. Furthermore, starting a side hustle will allow you to bring in income while caring for your loved one. Here are a few realistic side hustle ideas, like starting an ecommerce business, freelancing, and forming an LLC.

Why Pick Up a Side Job?

A side job is a perfect solution for caregivers who can’t work full-time outside of their loved one’s home but still need a source of income. Plus, you’ll be able to sharpen your professional skills, which will help you easily re-enter the traditional workforce in the futur

Simple Side Job Ideas

You’re interested in picking up a side job - but you need a specific business idea. Tried and True Mom Jobs recommends choosing a side hustle that you can manage remotely, such as freelance writing, proofreading, bookkeeping, transcription, selling printable templates, or online tutoring. If you’re able to get out of the house for a few hours each day, you could also become a dog walker! Remember, you’ll also want to download contract templates to protect your financial and legal interests while working with clients.

Launch an Ecommerce Business

If you’re talented when it comes to handmade arts and crafts, you may want to launch an ecommerce business so that you can sell your products from the comfort of your own home. But choosing the right ecommerce platform can seem tricky, especially with so many options available.

To help with searching, you’ll want to select a unified platform that delivers lots of features in one solution like Adobe Commerce. Your platform should provide tools for content generation and management, secure payment processing, inventory tracking, and analytics reports. You should also be able to customize your virtual storefront. With the right platform, you can cultivate unique shopping experiences for your customers across numerous virtual channels.

Form an LLC for Your Side Job

Regardless of your business idea, it’s a good idea to formally register your side hustle with the right structure. Many business owners who only work part-time hours overlook this step, but as a caregiver, you’ll want to complete this task to protect your finances. By filing for LLC status, you’ll enjoy the protections and security that come with limited liability, and you’ll get tax breaks, too!

You might assume you’ll need to hire a lawyer to handle the filing process for you since your caregiving duties take up much of your time. But working with an online formation service will be much more affordable. A service like this will ensure that you comply with your state’s filing requirements.

Drive Your First Sales

Now that you’ve set up an LLC for your new business, it’s time to land customers and make your very first sales! To market your business, Financial Wolves recommends creating a simple website, registering social media accounts in your company’s name, creating an email newsletter to keep your audience updated on new products and services, and even putting up some print advertisements around town. For example, you could pop over to your favorite local coffee shop and ask if you can hang up some flyers!

If you’ve had to leave your full-time job to become a caregiver, you can still earn an income. Starting a side hustle will allow you to balance work and caregiving. By following these tips, you can sell products through an ecommerce platform, get the hang of marketing, and establish an LLC.

Have you just stepped into a caregiving role for your senior loved one? Guide to Elder Care is here to help. Browse our blog for tips on managing your loved one’s needs.

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