The Good Shepherd

by Merfyn Edwards

Is it today that you're not feeling so well?
No it's worse than that , life is just hell,
People don't realise, if only they knew
It's like someone out there is turning the screw,
Whatever it was I was able to do,
The things I do now are so very few,
So many things I used to enjoy,
It's as if to this demon I'm just a toy,
Life is for living, if it's torture what's the point?
Soms would kill it with alcohol or smoke a joint,
I cannot do that, it would make this worse,
But it's like living my life under a curse,
I write this to get it out of my head,
I'm beginning now the future to dread,
There have been times I must admit,
When I've really thought of ending it,
What was it that made me change my mind?
That Shepherd, I was the one that He did find,

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